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Verum Dezyne

Create, explore and formally verify designs for state based, event driven or concurrent software systems

Based on a powerful, open modelling language, Verum Dezyne gives software engineers the ability to fully explore their designs using advanced simulation techniques. Automated formal verification discovers hidden defects that are otherwise practically impossible to find. Efficient code generation instantly turns verified models into executable results.

Building verifiably correct, robust and reliable state based,  event driven or concurrent systems

Understanding and simply visualizing the architecture and design of sophisticated embedded systems

Communicating, reviewing and documenting the behaviour of software components and (sub) systems

Ensuring the on-going, long term integrity, reusability and maintainability of software architectures and designs


Verum Dezyne is integrated into the Eclipse and Microsoft Visual Studio IDEs and linked to powerful cloud-based simulation, verification and code generation engines. Within the IDE, Dezyne provides a range of graphical views of models, (sub) systems and sequence traces that support the software engineer’s ‘mental model’ of his design and allows other stakeholders to understand the engineer’s work.

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