X-Ray Vision

Gain the ability to get a complete insight of your code base

Architectural Visualisation

Visualise your code archtitecture with Understand

Generate architecture dependency matrixes with Lattix 

Code Metrics

Use Understand to view project metrics

Measure metric trends with Lattix Web

Defect Detection

Statically analyse your code with Understand


Superhuman Accuracy

Develop code that is secure and compliant

Coding Standards

Validate against global standards and develop enforcement of custom standards with Understand

Code Quality

Enforce architectural requirements with Lattix

Review requirements documentation with Semios

Security and license compliance

Manage Open Source Software License Compliance and Vulnerability Risk with FlexNet Code Insight

Educate and assess developers in security awareness with Secure Code Warrior


Activate Your Powers!

Our suite of software tools assist developers to make the most of their abilities


Bug Extermination

Enterprise level static analysis with Klocwork and QAC

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About Emenda

For the past 10 years Emenda has provided the tools and expertise to help developers efficiently build software that is more reliable and more secure.

Harnessing innovative and leading-edge technology, Emenda delivers effective solutions to accelerate the development of safety-and mission-critical software systems and establish compliance with quality and security standards.

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