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The all new Lattix add-on for Understand

The all new Lattix add-on for Scitools Understand means that you can now create a Dependency Structure Matrix or Design Structure Matrix (DSM) directly from your existing Understand analysis data to better understand and visualize your software architecture.

Lattix DSM

A DSM is a simple, compact, and visual representation of a system or project in the form of a square matrix. In the case of software applications, the DSM is a great way to visualize and manage dependencies between modules and components and quickly detect instances where there are either cyclic dependencies, undesirable coupling or just a whole lot of architectural complexity.

The Lattix DSM add-on for Understand allows you to quickly visualise dependencies and pinpoint architectural issues and architectural erosion that may have occurred over time. This makes the task of wading through complex and tangled dependencies significantly quicker and easier, even without any prior knowledge of the code. Understanding is key to rapid detection of dependency problems in your architecture.

Once the architecture is corrected, Lattix provides the option so create architectural rules in order to enforce the expected architecture in future, and guard against or prevent architectural erosion.

Together, Understand and Lattix offer a complete solution for visualizing, understanding, and verifying your software architectures for a whole range of coding languages, including: Ada, Assembly (for Coldfire 68k, JIPSE MIL-STD-1750A, and IBM System 370), C, C++, C#, Cobol, CSS , Delphi, FORTRAN, HTML, Java, JavaScript, JOVIAL, Objective C, Pascal, PHP, PL/M, Python, Typescript, VHDL, VB (Visual Basic), and XML.

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